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The Bealgo company was established and evolved by a devoted group of people, intending to harness the abilities of modern technology for creating the most accurate, precise and profitable trading tools. Putting their trust in Algo Trading/ Automated Trading, the company's customers are promised the best environment for growing their business.

Since its inception, Bealgo has worked relentlessly to create the most advanced, useful and reliable tools for traders all around the world who are interested in advanced technology, specific data, and speed execution transactions.

Bealgo takes advantage of all the abilities of modern computing systems in favor of traders who are willing to take the advantage of technology in the field of trading. The best trading solutions are provided thanks to the work of the best programmers in the field hired by Bealgo.

Risk Management system - One of our flagship products, the risk management system, is aimed to aid traders engaged in Algo Trading. Each client receives access to a customized account manager, working with full integration with various trading platforms.

The system is equipped with the most advanced security measures and is constantly updated according to the latest evolvements in the market.

Customer Service - Each of our customers can be sure that they receive the best and fastest response for any issue, each client receives a dedicated Account Manager.

Secured trading - With Bealgo you may be sure that your investments are secured. We integrate the newest systems to create the safest environment for your.

Strive for innovation - The philosophy that leads our activity is always to be one step ahead even ahead of the market.

Join Bealgo and be one step ahead of the trading world - always.