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The important information regarding Anti-Money Laundering Policy (AML)

The main issue addressed by the Anti-Money Laundering Policy is the phenomenon of “legitimizing” earnings that were made in a non-legitimate ways, by any means. We make sure not to engage or encourage any actions or behavior that are or may be related to the grave issue of money laundering. This strict policy concerns all actions done by us, our representatives, agents and employees. We’re doing everything in our power to prevent these actions, for the purpose of following the law, as well as securing our investors, processing payment to all parties safely and providing the best security services for our clients.

In order to reinforce our policy, we’ll need to process the following steps:


The first verification is KYC - “Know Your Clients.” In order to make sure of your legitimacy, we’ll need the following details in appropriate documentation:

Proven Identification

1. Copy of ID on both sides, including an identification photo, issued by a governmental party.
     It may be a passport, national ID card or a driver’s license.

2.   Proved residency: official document issued no earlier than three months ago, which      
      states your name and actual address, registered in BEALGO. A bill may suffice        
     (water, landline phone, electric etc.). Another option to prove residence may be a bank statement.
     Make sure that the document includes the following details:

      ● Full legal name
      ● Full address
      ● Issuing date (not earlier than three months)
      ● Mention of the authority issued the documentation, including a logo or stamp

3.   Both sides of a credit card, with the CVV and all except the last four digits of the credit card number covered.
      Additionally, we may request other documentation, based on the regulations in your country.

Monitoring payments and activity
Third-party payments are unacceptable; every payment is processed only according to AML policy and KYC documentation. In addition, the withdrawals are returned only to the same party from which it was originally sent: the same bank transfer, or same credit card. Cash deposits are not acceptable under any circumstances – neither as deposits nor as a withdrawal method.

Report policy
According to AML we’re required to monitor all the transactions and report suspicious activities to the relevant authorities. Additionally, we reserve the right to prohibit any transaction we consider unlawful, has something to do with illegitimate activity or money laundering. Moreover, we are not bound to inform customers about such reports of suspicious transactions. You may contact us with any questions you might have.